Behavioral Health Billing is based in Herriman, Utah and maximizes client-approved treatment and health-insurance payments.

Treatment expenses can be overwhelming and can distract from the therapeutic process. We focus on assisting facilities that treat mental health and substance abuse including: detox, residential treatment (RTC), partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP) and general outpatient (GOP). We are with you and your clients before, during and after treatment. Before a client is admitted to treatment, we complete a thorough insurance verification of benefits. Once insurance is verified, our team works to obtain authorizations so no days are uncovered. During treatment, we complete all utilization reviews including any peer reviews. Upon completion of the services, we submit all claims in a timely manner so you can receive maximum reimbursement. Transparency is important, everything is tracked so you know what is happening for each client in real time.


Verification of Benefits (VOB)

As soon as a potential client provides their health insurance card, we begin verifying that your services are covered. Our experienced team manages this by speaking with live representatives from insurance companies to guarantee the information received is valid. Some of the specifics that we verify include deductible amounts, out-of-pocket costs, coinsurances and more. All VOBs are completed within the hour unless otherwise delayed by the insurance.


When the VOB confirms services will be covered, we begin working on an authorization request. Our team consists of trained therapists who understand the treatment process and can present information in a professional manner. We utilize clinical already in your EHR system because your time is more valuable with the client. We complete all utilization reviews including: initial requests, concurrent reviews, discharges, appeals and peer reviews with an above-average success rate. We advocate for your clients so you can focus on their recovery.


All claims are submitted weekly to ensure prompt payments as soon as possible. Our dedicated team follows up regularly to guarantee everything is processed appropriately with no issues.



We respond quickly so you have the answers you need.



We are your partner and everything we do is shared.



We are always available and ready to be there for you.

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